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The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins

by David Van Meter, Ph.D.

First published in 1991, Van Meter's Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins (HRIC) quickly became a cult classic among collectors. Handbook of Roman Imperial CoinsAs recently as 1999, used paperback copies were trading in excess of $100 on eBay. This was no surprise, really...the book remains the most comprehensive, and yet easy-to-use one-volume reference on Roman Imperial Coins! With over 330 large-format pages, and 1000 + illustrations, the HRIC provides the collector with both an expansive overview of the history of the coinage, and a particularly thorough catalogue of the coin types. Numerous charts, tables, and a lexicon make identifying, attributing and understanding your coins a pleasure. This book is quite simply the best value in reference literature on Roman Imperial coins!

ISBN: 1-878420-06-2
Softbound: $34.95 plus $6 shipping

Hardbound: $75.00 plus $6 shipping

"Van Meter has presented a very useable and practical alternative to current references at a price that will bring smiles rather than groans. We recommend (The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins) to beginners and more advanced collectors as well." .... Wayne Sayles, The Celator

Highlights of this Popular Numismatic Reference

Identifying Coins, Medals & Tokens: Late Antiquity to Modern Times. A Bibliography of Useful Articles

Gregory Brunk, Ph.D.

This ground-breaking reference work comprises a comprehensive bibliography of all of the English-language article-length sources, as well as most major foreign language articles, that are indespensible to identifying and researching coins, tokens, medals and related material. Identifying Coins, Medals & Tokens Now, for the first time, it is possible to discover the wealth of information on numismatics that has been published in journal and magazine articles and anthologies over the past two centuries. Approximately half of the 5,000 + source articles cited in this work have never before appeared in ANY numismatic bibliography. This work thus makes realms of previously "lost" numismatic literature and information available to the modern researcher. An essential reference for serious collectors, auctioneers, numismatists, catalogers, archaeologists and other professionals.

ISBN: 1-878420-04-6
Softbound: $34.95 plus $5 shipping

About the Author: Dr. Brunk is a noted numismatist, scholar and author. He is widely acknowledged as the world's leading authority on counter-marked or revalued coinage, and is a regular contributor to many standard references on world coins and tokens. A fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society, he has received awards for his numismatic writing from the American Numismatic Association, the Token and Medal Society, and the Canadian Numismatic Association.

Why You Need this Important Reference

Collecting Coins and Common Sense: A Complete Guide for Today's Collector and Investor

David Van Meter, Ph.D.

Collecting Coins & Common Sense is the best roadmap to the increasingly complex market for coins, Collecting Coins & Common Sensein that it discusses both the product and the players ... with an especial emphasis on the psychological and market aspects influencing both dealers and collectors. In this book you will meet the wealthy patrons, the scholars, the collectors, the investors, and the wheeler-dealers. Discover exactly how the market works, and why!

ISBN: 1-878420-03-8
Softbound: $12.95 plus $4 shipping

"A treaure trove of valuable information ... A superb primer for novices ... A refreshing insight for old hands and numismatic veterans!"

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